At Taxwave, we perform a wide range of services for individuals and families from completing tax returns to providing tax advice or help to manage personal finances.

We are committed to ensuring clients receive the right financial and lending advice which is why we have alliances with licensed financial planners and reputable mortgage brokers.

Our professional advisors use a holistic approach that considers all aspects of our clients’ wealth and family issues by recognising potential concerns or opportunities. We strive to provide each client with proactive, innovative and comprehensive strategies to achieve their vision and goals.

Some of the services we provide for individuals include:

  • Preparation of income tax returns
  • Electronic lodgement
  • A “Fee From Refund” service
  • Full PDF copy of your income tax return
  • Free yearly checklists
  • Salary sacrifice advice
  • Property tax advice
  • Capital gains advice.
  • Foreign source income advice.
  • Negative gearing advice
  • Early Tax Return
  • PAYG withheld variation